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September Tech Update

The Data Information System team has a handful of items in progress for upcoming deliveries, such as:

  • A new menu system -- the GLOBE "Megamenu" -- will be rolling out in September. 
    • This new menu system comes with some re-organization of GLOBE’s content and should make it easier for users to navigate the GLOBE website and find the information they need. 
  • The team is also getting the GLOBE Observer app’s Eclipse tool ready for October’s annular eclipse as well as the April 2024 total eclipse.  These two eclipses will be located in the North America and Latin America regions and as such the tool will only be available to users within those regions.

In addition, and less obvious to users, is a "behind the scenes" upgrade of all of GLOBE’s servers to help ensure the security of the GLOBE system. 

As always, more to come in the months ahead!

News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office