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Share Your Davis Weather Station Data with GLOBE

Photo of a Davis Weather Station

The GLOBE Program’s Data and Information Systems (DIS) team has completed work that will allow all GLOBE-trained Davis Weather Station owners to send their data to GLOBE. If you can get your data to the Davis ( website, you can send your data to GLOBE!  

This is a new capability that has been requested since Davis stopped allowing (about a year and a half a go) new users with new stations to share their data. Until now, only older equipment could share their data with GLOBE via Davis.

 Please follow this quick-start process to share you Davis Weather Station data with GLOBE:

  1. Set up your weather station reporting to the Davis website and start sharing your data with GLOBE’s "Data Collection Account."
  2. Set up your GLOBE Atmosphere site using the Davis Weather Station option for "thermometer" and then enter your Davis DeviceID from the Weather Link website.

For detailed, step-by-step directions on how to set up your station and find your DeviceID, click on this guide.


News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office


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