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The Data Entry Challenge Has Begun! How Can Your Data be Used?

The GLOBE Data Entry Challenge has begun! The call is out for all GLOBE schools to enter data this week: from 11-17 October.

Data collection is at the heart of The GLOBE Program – and it takes a world to contribute the scientific and environmental measurements that help GLOBE fulfill its vision of a worldwide community of students, teachers, scientists, and citizens working together to better understand, sustain, and improve Earth's environment at local, regional, and global scales.

Whether you report new data or old, GIO will recognize schools entering the most data during the week of 11-17 October.

And, just for fun – and to think about how the data can be used in informative and contributory ways – GLOBE is encouraging students to ask questions, and provide the answers, to questions regarding data entry. For example:

  • What is average high temperature across the world according to GLOBE's schools for the week?
  • What is the average cloud cover across the world according to GLOBE's data?
  • What is the liquid equivalent average precipitation?
  • What dominant land cover at all sites?
  • Is soil more moist or more dry compared to this same time period last year?
  • With regard to inland water bodies, what is the average nitrate level?
  • What colors of leaves are dominant during this week?

Students can post your own insightful questions on one (or more) of GLOBE’s discussion groups. For example, students can:

  • Post a question about air temperature on the “Atmosphere” discussion group page.
  • Post a question about habitat on the “Biosphere” discussion group page.
  • Post a question about how the Earth functions on the “Earth as a System” discussion group page.
  • Post a question about water cover on the “Hydrosphere”discussion group page.
  • Post a question about soil moisture on the “Soil/Pedosphere” discussion group page.

Remember, if you submit a question in any of the discussion forums, you should also enter your answer before the end of October!

GIO is calling on you to dig in even deeper and continue to make your data count!

With your help, it all adds up!

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News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office