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The GLOBE Program Welcomes Newest Working Group Members

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The GLOBE Program would like to welcome – and introduce to the community – the newest members of the GLOBE Working Groups!

As has been done for the last ten years, the GLOBE Implementation Office (GIO) disseminated a call to the community for new members for GLOBE's five Working Groups (WGs): Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Education; Evaluation; Science; and Technology. Community members serve on a WG in rotation, ensuring that a diversity of perspectives, as well as new voices, can be heard. Eighty applications and recommendations were received for the open spaces on the groups. Each WG has seven members, one from each of the six GLOBE regions and one at-large member. Terms are from one to three years.

Following a review of the applications by the WGs, a number of recommendations were forwarded to GIO and The GLOBE Program Office (GPO), located in NASA Headquarters in Washington D.C., USA.

The new Working Group members are:

  • DEI WG: Rafat Jambi, Near East and North Africa (NENA) Region, Saudi Arabia
  • Education WG: Ngosse Falle, Africa Region, Senegal
  • Education WG: Dorian Janney, North America Region, USA
  • Evaluation WG: Marta Kingsland, Latin America and Carribean (LAC) Region, Argentina
  • Science WG: Rafaela Babish, Europe and Eurasia Region, Israel
  • Science WG: Paula Carolina Paez, LAC Region, Argentina
  • Technology WG: Laura Altin, Europe and Eurasia Region, Estonia
  • Technologyh WG (At-Large): Kristen Weaver, North America Region, USA

GIO and GPO would like to thank everyone who applied to serve on the WGs. Your willingness to join in this important work is greatly appreicated. A communication about the next opportunity to apply for open positions will occur in the fall (autumn) of this year.

GIO and GPO would also like to thank the following members whose service on a Working Group ended in 2022:

  • DEI WG: Nourah Fahaad, NENA Region
  • Education WG: Wasswa Nsubuga, Africa Region
  • Evaluation WG: Claudia Rodriguez-Ortega, LAC Region
  • Science WG: Jean Robert Batana Pires Ferreira, LAC Region
  • Science WG: Constantinos Cartalis, Europe and Eurasia Region
  • Technology WG: Leva Kalka, Europe and Eurasia Region

To learn more about the GLOBE Working Groups, click here.

News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office