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U.S. Teachers – Join the Science Research Symposia (SRS) Webinar “Conducting Field Investigations” TODAY

GLOBE students in action at a science symposia

U.S. Teachers: A “Conducting Field Investigations” webinar will be held today, 24 October, at 7:00 p.m. ET. Whether or not you participate in the U.S. Student Research Symposia (SRS), this webinar can help you conduct field investigations with your students. During the webinar, you will see examples from past student projects and will be able to ask questions. To join the webinar, use this link.

At the SRS, students from across the United States have the opportunity to come together at one of six face-to-face regional symposia to share the results of field investigations using GLOBE program protocols. As in previous years, the SRS are open to all U.S. GLOBE students and teachers.

For more information on conducting field investigations, visit this resource page. Here, you will find out how field investigations fit into NGSS – as well as additional links and resources. (The page includes a pre-recorded webinar on the topic.)

Additional Resources/Updates

  • Review past webinars and teacher resources for the SRS: All webinars, blog posts, teacher and student resources, logistics, FAQs, and other resources from 2018 and past years are linked from the SRS webpage. (This page is regularly updated, so bookmark it today!)  
  • SRS 2018 Calendar: Dates and locations are now being set for the regional symposia. All event attendees (students, teachers, GLOBE partners, chaperones, etc.) need to register for their regional symposium and sign a media release. To find dates and locations, and to register, click here.

Teachers: Have a Question about the SRS? 

Do you have a question about the SRS? Then just email the SRS Teacher Hotline. You will be connected with an experienced GLOBE teacher who can discuss your question over a brief phone call. Simply provide your name, phone number, the grade-level you teach, and the best time to reach you, along with your question. 

Teachers: Can You Help a New SRS Teacher?

Have you conducted research in your classroom? Attended a GLOBE SRS? Then please join the SRS Teacher Hotline! Through the hotline, teachers can ask questions about the research process or the SRS, which will be fielded to experienced teachers (i.e. you) who will have a short phone conversation with them to discuss and answer questions. If you are interested in being a part of the team, fill out this brief form

Participating in the GLOBE International Virtual Science Symposium (IVSS)?

An informational webinar on the IVSS will be hosted by Dr. Julie Malmberg (GLOBE Implementation Office) on Wednesday, 25 October, at 1:00 p.m. MT/3:00 p.m. ET.  If you are unable to attend, you can submit questions ahead of time to and she will answer them during the webinar, which will be recorded. To join this webinar, click here. For more information on the IVSS, click here.


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