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U.S. GLOBE Students: NASA Spotlight Video Challenge: Cloud Detectives – Summer Registration Open; Videos Due 31 July

NASA Spotlite shareable, reading "Science for students by students"

GLOBE Students: NASA wants your student content producers to produce a video for the NASA eClips™ website. Each tab on the challenge website provides the information and resources needed to produce a NASA Spotlite video. Teams will produce a video (90 seconds to two minutes) confronting one of two misconceptions related to clouds, by investigating and collecting evidence, including GLOBE Clouds and NASA data.

Learners in formal and non-formal education settings can become content creators and inspire others to engage in science. Concerned that you might not have fancy recording and editing tools?  All steps of creating a Spotlite video can be accomplished using cell phones, tablets, and laptops. Educators have used the challenge as interdisciplinary project, and out-of-school time unit, a performance assessment and more.

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