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Updated GLOBE Trainer/Mentor Trainer Process Complete

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The GLOBE Program has a long history of building the capacity of its community by certifying GLOBE Trainers and Mentor Trainers. The result is a vibrant, growing community with members who are equipped to accomplish the mission and strategic goals of GLOBE.

In order to accomplish this, it is important to have people leading GLOBE workshops who are knowledgeable about The GLOBE Program, with a firm understanding of protocols, procedures, and the quality of data being collected and recorded – and who can effectively guide teachers in how to implement GLOBE in their educational setting.  

The GLOBE Trainer/Mentor Trainer process has been updated and is now complete. This process is meant to:

  • emphasize the Trainer Certification procedure by refining the process to be more streamlined, flexible, transparent, and accessible; and to guarantee the quality of trainers throughout the GLOBE community
  • set up the Mentor Trainer Certification procedure by defining Mentor Trainers as a resource to aid and advance the community of GLOBE trainers; and to create a system for Mentor Trainers to communicate with each other to ensure the quality of mentorship throughout the GLOBE community

In both the Trainer and Mentor Trainer certifications, there are three steps and separate forms:

  • Step 1: Application and Qualification Review;
  • Step 2: Observation and Review by Mentor Trainer; and
  • Step 3: Maintaining Active Status

For more information on this process, click here.

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