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You are Cordially Invited to a NASA ESTEEM Virtual Engagement 08 November: “International Observe the Moon Night Through a Native American Perspective”

Graphic for NASA ESTEEM Event "International Observe the Moon Night Through a Native American Perspective"

You are cordially invited to a NASA Earth Systems, Technology and Energy Education for Minority University Research and Education Program (ESTEEM) virtual engagement on Wednesday, 08 November, at 2:00 p.m. EST: “International Observe the Moon Night Through a Native American Perspective.”

The ESTEEM team hopes you had a chance to participate in International Observe the Moon Night, 28 October 2017, and would like you to join them for a conversation that explores the cultural and scientific connections that we have to our closest celestial neighbor, the Moon, through a Native American lens. Native Americans have been observing the Moon for thousands of years and have developed very specific cultural connections related to the Moon.

During this virtual engagement, there will be a presentation by Annette S. Lee (director of Native Skywatchers) and her Native Skywatchers colleagues, Carl Gawboy and Jeff Tibbetts, on the Ojibwe perspective of the Moon.

Following their presentation, there will be time for conversation related to other Native American perspectives of the Moon. There will also be a review of unique NASA content related to the study of the Moon and an exploration of the connections between this content and the traditional ecological knowledge shared. How have various tribes used the Moon to keep track of time? What Tribal traditions take place around the Moon?

Click here to watch the YouTube Live event on Wednesday, 08 November. 

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