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07 December: Phase III ENSO Campaign Science and Research Webinar #4: “Making Sense of the Impact of Water in Our Environment by Measuring Earth’s Water from Space”

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The next Phase III GLOBE ENSO (El Niño Southern Oscillation) Student Research Campaign science and research webinar will be held on 07 December at 8:00 p.m. EST (01:00 UTC): “Making Sense of the Impact of Water in Our Environment by Measuring Earth’s Water from Space.” Join the conversation and hear from a NASA scientist!

During the first half of the webinar, a subject matter expert (SME), Dr. Matt Rodell, will share scientific background information. Rodell will review Earth’s water cycle, and will describe the importance of being able to collect measurements during each phase of the water cycle. Participants will learn how and why some NASA Earth-observing satellites study the impact of water both above and below ground. He will also share some of the ways in which NASA Earth-observing satellite data is used to inform real-world applications, such as agriculture, erosion, landslides, flooding, and drought response and monitoring.

During the second half-hour, participants will engage in a collaborative discussion to share some ideas for teaching students about the impact of water, both below and above ground, on our environment. Participants will explore how these concepts fit into the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and will share ideas for good teaching resources. Participants will use NASA Wavelength to see lists of teaching resources related to floods, erosion and landslides, and agriculture. Cassie Soeffing, one of the developers of the NASA Wavelength tool, will give a demonstration of the many features that lie within this great resource! There will also be a focus on connecting teachers with each other so that they can do some comparing and contrasting of their GLOBE data to see how water both above and below ground impacts the environment differently.

The guiding questions for the webinar are:

  • SME: “What impacts does water, above and below ground, have on our environment?"
  • Collaboration: The webinar discussion will focus on these questions:
  1. Does our region have plenty of freshwater resources for the people who live there?
  2. Where do people in our region get their water from?
  3. Is our region prone to flooding?
  4. Do we experience landslides or erosion in our region?
  5. How is the local soil for growing crops?
  6. Have we seen any changes in the amount of precipitation falling in our region over the past five years?
  7. How is the amount of precipitation expected to change in the next decade? How will these changes impact people’s lives?

To join this webinar, click here. To learn more about NASA Wavelength, click here.

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