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08 September: Urban Heat Island Effect (UHIE) Webinar: “Explore Earth: What is Making My Neighborhood So Hot?”

Photo/Graphic of an urban scene showing cars and buildings, and a graph of the rise and fall of temperatures

The Urban Heat Island Effect (UHIE)-Surface Temperature Field Campaign is hosting a webinar on Wednesday, 08 September, at 06.00 p.m. EDT: “Explore Earth: What is Making My Neighborhood So Hot?”

Join in the conversation about the campaign with GLOBE’s UHIE scientist, Dr. Kevin Czajkowski (Dr. C., from the University of Toledo). Dr. C. leads the campaign, which studies urban heat islands around the world. Participants will learn about the phenomenon of the “urban heat island effect,” where there is an increase in surface temperature due to a neighborhood’s surroundings (such as buildings and paved surfaces).

Dr. C. will explain urban heat islands, and why students should study them. Students taking surface temperatures in their neighborhoods examine those surfaces and develop solutions on how to reduce their heat islands. Students collect and submit surface temperature data at any time, but the campaign focuses on data collection in October, December, and March. A brief review of the GLOBE protocols will be given. Dr. C. will showcase heat islands in various locations on Earth using GLOBE and NASA satellite data. Resources from GLOBE and NASA will be featured.

A great way to implement the urban heat island effect for students is to use My NASA Data Urban Heat Island Story Map, which engages the learner through storytelling about the heat island phenomenon.

Join the Campaign

Do you and your students want to join the UHIE-Surface Temperature Field Campaign? Sign up for eTraining (through a course in Google classroom), where you will receive support throughout the school year. For more information, contact Janet Struble at:

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