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International Day for Biological Diversity

The International observance of World Water Day grew out of an initiative adopted at the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro. Every year a new theme regarding water is explored. The objective of World Water Day 2012 is to focus international attention on issues surrounding Water and Food Security.

GLOBE community traditionally observes World Water Day by Participating in water conservation activities, such as cleaning up a local water way, collecting hydrology data or educating y0our community about the importance of water. 

Join GLOBE for the International Day for Biological Diversity 17-28 May 2010.

Biodiversity is a key element of the Earth System! Celebrate the importance of biodiversity with other GLOBE schools around the world in the latter half of May, centered around the United Nations holiday on the 22nd. Join schools, groups and governments in acknowledging the importance of biodiversity through actions and education!

Background Information

In 1988, in response to alarming reports about growing threats to species and ecosystems, the United Nations established a working group to examine the need for an international convention on biological diversity. Once the need was established, a team of technical and legal experts drew up a comprehensive strategy for sustainable development along with a key legal instrument to ensure the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity worldwide. The Convention for Biological Diversity was completed on 22 May 1992. Since the adoption of this international treaty in 1994, 22 May has been celebrated annually as the International Day for Biological Diversity.

Why participate

What is biological diversity and why is it important? Why are we losing species and ecosystems and what are the consequences? How does climate change effect biodiversity? What can we do about it? These are questions we can focus on while celebrating International Day for Biological Diversity. The goal is to help everyone understand the importance of biodiversity for a healthy planet.


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