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NASA State of Trees -- October 2023 Webinar

This webinar marks the beginning of Year 6 for the Trees Around the GLOBE Student Research Campaign. In August 2023, the GLOBE Year of Climate and Carbon commenced. During this webinar, we will discuss plans for the upcoming year of the campaign. Our featured speaker, Grace Crain-Wright, the GIO Science Coordinator and the GLOBE Campaigns Lead, will introduce the Year of Climate and Carbon (YCC): A GLOBE Action and Awareness Campaign. YCC is a new global campaign that aims to encourage GLOBE students and participants to seek a deeper understanding of changes emerging in their local ecosystems. This exploration is facilitated through data collection using a variety of GLOBE protocols, specifically phenology, biomass, and carbon protocols. Students and participants may contribute to the campaign in a variety of ways including entering GLOBE data, collaborating with another student or classroom, taking action in their local community, and more! Crain-Wright will explain how the YCC Campaign aligns with the Trees Around the GLOBE Campaign and other ongoing and upcoming campaigns happening across the GLOBE community in all six regions. Please join us for this important webinar.

  • Title: The Start of Year 6: Aligning to the GLOBE Year of Climate and Carbon (YCC) through GLOBE tree height, land cover, greenings, and carbon cycle data and global student and campaign collaboration
  • Date: 10 October 2023
  • Time: 1:00 p.m. EDT (5:00 p.m. UTC, 7:00 p.m. CEST)
Event Topics: Webinars

Events origin: GLOBE Implementation Office