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Climate and Land Cover Project IOP 1-30 April

In April, the GLOBE Program asks the question: "What is the land cover type near your school and how is it changing over time?" in the GLOBE Climate and Land Cover Project.  Join other GLOBE schools that are collecting land cover data that will be used to improve land cover databases and climate models and help document how land cover is changing over time in different places all over the world.
During an intensive observing period (IOP) from 1-30 April 2012, GLOBE students are encouraged to:
    •    Take digital photographs of land cover sites and then determine the land cover classification using a GLOBE protocol.
    •    Upload the photos and enter land cover classification data into the GLOBE database.
    •    View their uploaded photos and land cover data, as well as the data from other GLOBE schools using Google Earth.
This is the fourth in a series of intensive observing periods. Participating in the CLC Project is fun, easy and contributes to scientific research and climate modeling.


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