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March Tech Update

In the GLOBE technology area, there are a number of new additions that are coming your way this month.  They include:

  • A new Community Learning Activities search tool.  This new tool allows the GLOBE community to upload their learning activities for others in GLOBE to see and use. This will allow users to filter by a large number of options to find all of GLOBE and the GLOBE community’s activities. We are excited to roll this out to the community and look forward to seeing your contributions!
  • A new Publications search tool allows users to see and search through the over 1,000 publications that have been written using GLOBE data.
  • For GLOBE Trainers and Mentor Trainers, we have added a new Active Status form. All Trainers and Mentor Trainers are asked to verify their “active status” every three years.
  • There are also a variety of new smaller features including an improved search tool to assist you with finding content on the site.

For The GLOBE Program's app, GLOBE Observer, we are excited to see the incorporation of awards and recognition in the app. We now have the ability to recognize your contributions to GLOBE in the form of measurement badges and active streaks. How long can you keep your measurement streak going? We added a grace period of two days (Saturdays and Sundays), so if you can’t measure over a weekend, your streak will keep going – but don’t miss three in a row!

Finally, the April 2024 Eclipse is coming soon, so we’re also making sure the Eclipse tool within the app is tested and ready to go.

As always, let us know about how the changes are working for you. And if there’s something we can do to better support you, let us know at

Source: David Overoye, Data Information Systems Lead.

News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office


good stuff! Thanks for sharing the updates ;-)

Love the gamification of GLOBE Observer, keep up the good work!