Cloud Resources


Additional resources include:

Teacher's Guide - Clouds: The GLOBE Teacher's Guide is an online collection of background information, science protocols (data collection procedures), and learning activities. The left navigation link will lead you directly to the cloud protocol and related GLOBE content. 

One-Week Pacing Guides

Online Cloud Chart: Interactive resource that houses a gallery of photographs and each cloud type has many examples for students to explore.

Printable Cloud Chart: illustrates each cloud type, and lists the basic components of a clouds observation. For accessible and screen-readable information, use the Observing Cloud Type document.

Sky Cloud Window: Use this tool to help you identify cloud types, visibility, and sky color. You can use online or print and cut out the middle portion. Hold in your hands while extending your arm towards the sky. Put the cloud you are trying to classify in the window and use the sample images around the opening to help you identify the cloud type. Versión en español - Ventana del Cielo.

ActivitiesWe have gathered cloud resources from across GLOBE, GLOBE Observer, Elementary GLOBE, and NASA Langley Research Center. Which one will work for your audience?

Certificate of Appreciation: Use this certificate for students or yourself to recognize participation in GLOBE Clouds.