Accessibility Technology Solution Sub-Committee

Accessibility Technology Solution Sub-Committee

Stick figures of people of different colors holding hands on top of curved globe. Some figures are in wheelchairs, using service dogs or showing other disabilities.

The Accessibility Technology Solution Sub-Committee explores ways in which we can use technology to make GLOBE's tools and resources more easily accessible for everyone. The sub-committee, created by the Technology Working Group, aims to remove as many technological hurdles as possible for people with disabilities. Our goal is for every GLOBE member and student to be able to do all of the program's activities.

The sub-committee works with teachers and students who have experience in digital accessibility and can help us identify areas where GLOBE can use technology to be better. Our mission reflects and builds on the recommendations of the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Working Group, as well as other ongoing efforts from the GLOBE community to make the program more accessible.

2023 Annual Meeting

At the 2023 GLOBE Annual Meeting, the sub-committee held a workshop and discussed how students with disabilities have been working to make more accessible. Attendees were given the opportunity to do GLOBE activities while simulating having different types of vision impairments.


Take our Survey

If you have visual impairments or have worked with someone who has visual impairments, such as another teacher, colleague or student, you can help us make GLOBE more accessible!

This short survey will provide us with valuable feedback on The GLOBE Program's current level of visual accessibility and where we can improve.

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Sub-Committee Members

   Laura Altin

  • Europe and Eurasia 
  • Technology Working Group
  • laura.altin (at)

   Dr. Rod Allan Avestruz de Lara

  • Asia and Pacific
  • Country Coordinator, Philippines
  • radelara (at)

   Rosalba Noemi Giarratano

  • North America 
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Working Group
  • rosalba.n.giarratano (at)

   Jeff Grossman

  • North America
  • GLOBE Implementation Office
  • jgrossman (at)

   Eslam Khair

  • North America 
  • GLOBE Implementation Office
  • ekhair (at)

   Shahina Masood

  • Asia and Pacific
  • Country Coordinator, Pakistan
  • sheena.masood (at)

   Juan Felipe Restrepo Mesa

  • Latin America and Caribbean
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Working Group
  • jrestrepo (at)

   Sara Mierzwiak

  • North America 
  • GLOBE Mission Earth
  • sara.mierzwiak (at)

   Marilé Colon Robles

  • North America 
  • Science Working Group
  • marile.colonrobles (at)