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(archive) 2017 Autumn

European Pilot Study

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European Pilot Study
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4/16/17 11:13 AM
Dear GLOBE teacher,
We would like to introduce you to the GrowApp European Pilot Study (#EPS)! The GrowApp is a brandnew app that allows you to make time-lapse videos of trees. The goal of this pilot is to bring the GrowApp to the classroom and encourage international (digital) exchange. The pilot study comprises of 3 phases. The deadline for application is May 1st.
Phase A (starting now): Recruitment and data gathering.
Schools join in on the pilot. During this phase students will start working with the GrowApp. They make a daily photo of their tree, in order to make a time-lapse video. The materials for this phase can be found in the attachments.
Phase B (starting May 8th): Lesson on data analysis
Students will analyse their pictures in class. Students work in groups and try to identify certain significant events such as: “my tree shows its first green leaves”.  
Phase C (starting May 21st): Online international exchange
We try to pair up different schools in Europe. Students can exchange results and try to identify regional differences in the timing of phenological events.  This will allow your students to not only learn more about nature but also work on their English skills, digital skills and global awareness. And of course it is a lot of fun to be connected to new friends in Europe!
Follow the following steps to participate in the European Pilot Study (deadline May 1st):
  1. Fill in this online form -->
  2. Join the community on the GLOBE website -->
  3. Start on phase A. You can start working with the GrowApp with the class as a whole or you can give an assignment as homework. Suggestions are found in the attachments.
  4. Schedule a lesson on data analysis --> phase B
This pilot will be coordinated by Nina van Bruggen of Globe Netherlands. She would like to visit all participating Dutch schools during phase B. Please let her know when you will start phase B so she can attend. She would also like to talk with all participating teachers in Europe through Skype. She is really interested in your feedback and suggestions so we can make the best possible learning product in the future.
Thank you for joining our European GLOBE community!
Nina van Bruggen
Globe Netherlands
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RE: European Pilot Study
4/21/17 2:07 PM as a reply to Nina van Bruggen.
Hi everyone,

I have already received more than 10 applications, thank you! I just forgot to mention that these materials will be targeted at students of approximately 12 to 15 years old of all levels of education.

Keep in mind that the deadline is May 1st.


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