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Autumn 2021 - Activity 2

Athanasios T. Theodorakopoulos, modified 1 Month ago.
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Greetings from Greece GLOBE v-School and Tinycore Lab team!
Here is an update on European Phenology Campaign - Autumn 2021. In mt. Olympus rains more than a week now, a steady/intensity rain instead of a hot and dry summer season. A lot of branches and leaves have fallen due to bad weather. We record more than 370 mm of precipitation in eight days until now. The relative humidity is absolute 99% inside fog and stratus clouds. The temperature hovers around 10-12 °C [max:16°C/min:5.5°C LSN] and decreases every day. The days getting shorter and there is less sunlight. The marked leaves of the oak are still green but others already changing colors and have starting to fall. Check below today's measurements.

​​​​​​​Above: Precipitation/Rain depth [Data Rate Range: 15.09.2021-14.10.2021]
Site: Research Area: LIT-193799S3
Here are some informations about the location:
Country: Litochoro, mt. Olympus, Greece
Coordinates: 40.084158°/22.488452°
Elevation: 580 m.
Tree: Pedunculate oak [Quercus robur]
Tree height: 19.98 m
Tree circumference: 346 cm
Globe Site: Research Area: LIT-218186S6
School: Greece Globe v-School
Instrument shelter [Atmosphere measurements]: Research Area: LIT-193799S3
Today's Atmosphere/Soil measurements:
Date/time: 14/10/2021-10:25 UTC
Current temp: 7.8 °C
Relative hum: 99 %
Barometric pressure: 1017 hPa
Surface Condition: wet
Surface temp: 7.5 °C
Soil temp [5 cm]: 10.1 °C
Soil temp [10 cm]: 10.8 °C

Green Down measurements:
Leaves state: Color change
Leaf 1: 5GY 4/8
Leaf 2: 5GY 5/10
​​​​​​​Leaf 3: 5GY 4/8
Leaf 4: 5GY 4/8
Green Down Data versus Time
​​​​​​​Site: Research Area: LIT-218186S6

Good night, sleep tight!


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