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Meet 2023 GLOBE Annual Meeting Keynote Speaker Leila Farhadi, Ph.D.

Keynote Speaker Leila Farhadi, Ph.D., The George Washington University, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Associate Professor (Photo Credit: Leila Farhadi, Ph.D.)

Keynote Speaker: Leila Farhadi, Ph.D.
The George Washington University 
Civil and Environmental Engineering, Associate Professor

Dr. Leila Farhadi received her B.Sc. in Civil Engineering and her M.Sc. degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering with a focus on Water Resources Engineering from Sharif University of Technology, Iran and her Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering with a focus on Hydrology and Water Resources from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She was the recipient of the 2018 NASA’s New (Early Career) Investigator Program award in Earth Sciences, and the NSF’s 2019 CAREER Award for her work.

Currently, Dr. Farhadi works to develop calibration-free data assimilation techniques to estimate the state and fluxes of the terrestrial water, energy and carbon cycles using field site observations and remotely sensed data. Her two biggest active projects are “Coupled Estimation of Evapotranspiration and Recharge from Remotely Sensed Land Surface Moisture and Temperature," funded by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the “Observation-Driven Mapping of the Linkages between the Terrestrial Water, Energy and Carbon Cycles” funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). 

In her research projects, Dr. Farhadi integrates an educational component that intertwines with the research plan. She is an avid supporter of teaching and learning science, enhancing environmental literacy and stewardship, and driving scientific discovery. Collaborating with a diverse community of students, scientists, and citizens around Washington, D.C., her research revolves around the intricate themes of climate and land-atmosphere interaction. 

“I am deeply passionate about the transformative potential of open science in advancing knowledge, fostering innovation, and building a more inclusive and equitable scientific community. The GLOBE Program serves as an exceptional and successful platform that actively promotes open science principles, and this further ignites my enthusiasm to be a part of this vibrant community.”

2023 GLOBE Annual Meeting
Registration is now open for the 2023 GLOBE Annual Meeting from 17-20 July 2023. During the four-day event, the GLOBE community will have the opportunity to take part in a variety of sessions. 

For more information on the 2023 GLOBE Annual Meeting, click here. To register, click here.

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