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U.S. GLOBE Weekly Watercooler Welcome Back!
Join Jennifer Bourgeault, U.S. Country Coordinator, to kick off the Watercooler season. We are looking forward to a great lineup of topics this year, but we want to hear from you: please bring your topic ideas to this Watercooler!   >>

U.S. GLOBE Weekly Watercooler - 14 Jun 2020
This week, Jodi Haney, U.S. Partner Forum Member from Bowling Green State University, will lead a discussion on Pondering Pandemic Partnership Planning. What did we do? What will stick? What won’t!  >>

U.S. GLOBE Weekly Watercooler - 07 Jun 2021
This week, Steve Phelps, Instructional Technology Consultant in Ohio, will share about Desmos and Desmos Activities; how they are being used by math teachers and others; and thoughts on how we could create math lessons using the My NASA Data data sets. Elizabeth Joyner, NASA Langley, will introduce My NASA Data and be available for questions!  >>

U.S. GLOBE Weekly Watercooler - 02 Jun 2021
This week join a conversation with Parter Forum member Sarah Nern, Purdue University, about teaching an authentic STEM lesson using the GLOBE Tree Height app. One of the takeaways from this lesson is demystifying technology so that it is no longer a black box.  >>

U.S. GLOBE Weekly Watercooler - 24 May 2021
This week, Jodi Haney, BGSU GLOBE Partnership, will talk about the HOTTEST places on the BGSU Campus and how to COOL them down!  >>

U.S. GLOBE Weekly Watercooler - Teen Science Café Network
This week, learn about the Teen Science Café Network, which allows teen leaders to plan and host Science Café events where “teens and STEM experts engage in lively conversations and activities to explore a topic deeply.”  >>

U.S. GLOBE Weekly Watercooler - 10 May 2021
This week, GLOBE Partner Rich Wagner, Metropolitan State University in Denver (Denver, Colorado) will share on observational and data literacy on the Platte River in Denver.  >>

U.S. GLOBE Weekly Watercooler - 26 April 2021
This week, join a discussion with GLOBE Partner Mike Jabot, Institute for Research in Science Teaching.  >>

STEM Mentor Role Model Training
Join Jessica Taylor, NASA Langley, for a virtual Role Model training to learn best practices for mentoring students in STEM.  >>

U.S. GLOBE Weekly Watercooler - 19 April 2021
This week Olivia VanDamme, Science Action Club's Education Program Coordinator, will demonstrate how to teach the skills within the GLOBE protocol to middle schoolers in both digital and in-person learning environments using SAC's Cloud Quest curriculum.  >>