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Move Ideas into Practice with the NASA Citizen Science Event Series

Last year’s NASA Summer of Citizen Science event series, the online manifestation of the 2nd Annual NASA Citizen Science Community Workshop, hosted a broad-ranging conversation about some of the most important issues facing citizen science practice today. Visit our website to access recordings of these events. The series is continuing into 2021 with shorter sequences of events around themes. The Winter Ideas to Action sequence covered four topics, which are listed below and linked to the recorded presentations and corresponding self-guided reflection tools to help you move the ideas into practice: 

  1. ENGAGING the people you want in your project 

  2. INNOVATIVE approaches to train and support volunteers 

  3. IMPLEMENTING smart data and metadata practices 

  4. ACCELERATING the pace of discovery in your project 

The next sequence of events will start in late September (bookmark this page to stay updated on events and timing), once again with a focus on serving scientists and staff leading NASA sponsored or affiliated citizen science projects. If that describes your role in NASA citizen science and you have ideas for future events, please share them with me at Even if your role in citizen science is not that, we hope to see you at the next series! 

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Sarah Kirn
The Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) became a GLOBE Partner in 2019 and is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the resilience of the Gulf of Maine ecosystem and the communities that depend on it. We leverage the Gulf of Maine to test and develop solutions to ocean challenges around the world.

-Prepared by Sarah Kirn, GMRI. Updated August 2021 with links to upcoming series.

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