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St. Peter’s School 2022 Student Research Symposium Highlights

Regional in-person Student Research Symposia (SRS) were not held in 2022 due to the ongoing COVID pandemic; however, with support from NASA Grant no. 80NSSC18K0135 and Youth Learning As Citizen Environmental Scientists (YLACES), the GLOBE U.S. Coordination Office was able to support in-person local SRS where students shared the results of field investigations using GLOBE protocols or data. Learn more about all of the 2022 local SRS here.

GLOBE Teacher Janene Smith hosted a Student Research Symposium for students at St. Peter’s School in Mansfield, Ohio. Seven junior high students in an elective science class worked on their projects over three months leading up to the event.

On 25 April 2022, the students presented their projects on three different topics. The students discussed their research with five STEM professionals from the University of Toledo GLOBE Mission Earth.

Thank you to the reviewers: GLOBE Partners Kevin Czajkowski and Sara Mierwiak, and Yitong Jiang, Shari Grayczyk, and Farrokh Namjooyan, all from the University of Toledo.

Congratulations to the St. Peter’s School students!

Student Research Reports: U.S. Student Research Symposia (SRS)

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