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Summer Opportunities for Students and Teachers in Ohio

Contributed by Jodi Haney, Xcite Learning/Bowling Green State University (BGSU)/The Toledo Zoo

students outdoors observing soil
The Xcite Learning/Bowling Green State University (BGSU)/The Toledo Zoo Partnership had a busy summer! In early June, we led a STEM-based Elementary GLOBE program, including GLOBE Observer, at Waterville Primary School’s Summer Camp. The three-week program engaged roughly 125 rising 1st through 5th grade students in sky, soil, and Earth as a System observations and lessons with a focus on learning more about the school prairie. We ended the camp period with a Solar Festival attended by the students and their families. 

teachers learn about the benefits of prairie ecosystems
In July, our partnership collaborated with BGSU’s Project IMPACT, a teacher professional development project sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education. Over a four-day period, teachers attended a GLOBE in the Prairie training, conducting various GLOBE protocols (cloud type and cover, precipitation, soil temperature and moisture, air temperature, and surface temperature) to investigate the ecological and societal benefits of their school prairie. In all, 15 teachers participated in this program. Several also attended a three-day session focusing on Project-Based Learning (PBL), giving them an opportunity to build PBL units integrating their GLOBE in the Prairie training.

Photo captions

Top photo: students outdoors observing soil

Bottom photo: teachers learn about the benefits of prairie ecosystems

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