US Regional Symposia- Calendar

See below for the Symposia Event Calendar and the Webinar Event Calendar.

The United States GLOBE Student Research Symposia (SRS) will not be held this spring due to COVID-19. The SRS leadership team is currently discussing other ways that students could share their GLOBE research if they missed the International Virtual Science Symposia deadline. We will keep the community posted as decisions are made. The United States GLOBE Office staff are thinking daily about all of you and are committed to continuing the SRS in future years. Be well and please reach out with ideas on how the GLOBE Partners and the U.S. GLOBE Office can help you #doGLOBE!

**ALL event attendees (students, teachers, GLOBE partners, chaperones, etc.) need to register for their Regional Symposium individually and sign a media release (available through the registration form found on each event page).

What Region am I a part of? See the GLOBE regions here. 

REGION Funding Application Deadline Registration Deadline Symposium Date

Northwest: International Arctic Research Center at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Fairbanks, Alaska

Feb. 1, 2020



Pacific: Moss Landing Marine Lab, Moss Landing, CA

Feb. 1, 2020    

Midwest: University of Wisconsin Madison, Madison, Wisconsin

Feb. 1, 2020



Southeast: The Vines Center, Little Rock, Arkansas

Feb. 1, 2020



Northeast/Mid-Atlantic: Talcott Mountain Science Center, Avon, Connecticut

Feb. 1, 2020



Southwest: Austin ISD, Austin, TX

Feb. 1, 2020





Register for these events using the links below!

Webinar Date Description
SRS Teacher Watercooler with Elodie Bourbon, NY January 22, 3p ET Preparing students for the SRS, challenges and solutions to attending, and highlights of the event!
SRS Webinar: Retrieving Data from the GLOBE Website January 29, 4p ET Learn to use the Advanced Data Access Tool (ADAT) to find and retrieve GLOBE data from the website. This webinar is open to teachers and students! 
SRS Teacher Watercooler with Sesilynn Schleusner, AK February 6, 8p ET Preparing students for the SRS, challenges and solutions to attending, and highlights of the event!
SRS Teacher Watercooler with Jayme Margolin Sneider, CO March 3, 6p ET Preparing students for the SRS, with a focus on the research poster and coaching students on how to give a scientific presentation. 
SRS Webinar: Using the GLOBE Visualization System March 4, 4p ET Learn to use the GLOBE Visualization System to view and interact with data measured across the world. Find out how to map, graph, filter and export your data and data collected at other schools.