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US Regional Symposia- Student Resources

Students at the 2016 Northeast Science Fair
Touring NASA Goddard at the 2016
Northeast Student Research Symposium


"There is no need to be nervous because everyone is here to support one another as we all learn something new." - 2017 SRS Participant


Are you getting ready to present at the SRS? At the SRS you will present your research through a poster presentation. You will discuss your research with both scientist reviewers and your peers. You will also get a chance to talk to other students about their research and provide them with feedback. Follow this link to see the peer and reviewer feedback forms

For a suggested timeline for completing your project in time for the SRS, see the GLOBE Research Project Planning Guide

Check out the links below for information on steps in the scientific process, creating and printing posters, and giving a presentation.

GLOBE Scientific Process Poster
Check out the GLOBE Steps in the 
Scientific Process Poster!


Scientific Process Resources:


Creating and Printing Posters:


Giving a Research Presentation:

At the SRS, you will have 10 to 15 minutes to discuss your research with a scientist reviewer, with time during or after for questions. You will get the chance to talk to 2 or more reviewers, as well as time to discuss your research with your peers. Below are resources to help you prepare for your presentation.