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Student Research Symposia- Teacher Resources

“Both students and teachers were pleased with our experience. Students got to meet other students and review their work and in turn receive feedback from other students. Teachers got to exchange ideas with other GLOBE teachers.” -2018 SRS Teacher


Professional development and support on field investigations, enhancing scientific practices in the classroom, and bringing students to the SRS are available through the links below. 

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For a suggested timeline for completing student research projects in time for the SRS, see the GLOBE Research Project Planning Guide

Science Practice Pages

These pages provide recorded webinars and resources on facilitating field investigations and enhancing scientific practices in the classroom. They contain resources that can be used by both teachers and students!


SRS Teacher Hotline

Have a question about the scientific process or the SRS? Use the SRS Teacher Hotline Form to ask your questions.  Fill out the short form and you will be connected with an experienced GLOBE teacher who can discuss your question over a brief phone call or email.  


Teacher Blogs and 'Watercoolers'

Follow this link to see our full YouTube playlist with professional development, resources, and experience films. 

Watercooler: The SRS Experience - presentation by Elodie Bourbon, GLOBE teacher from Freeport High School in Freeport, New York. (See Elodie's presentation slides here)

• Watercooler: GLOBE in the classroom and bringing students to the SRS - presentation by Sue Dougherty, GLOBE teacher from Stamford High School in Stamford, Connecticut.

Watercooler: Helping students create IVSS and SRS projects - presentation by Amy Woods, GLOBE teacher from St. Francis Xavier School in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. 

• Developing Good Research Questions- by Bill Meyers, a GLOBE teacher from Alexander Dawson School in Lafayette, Colorado. 

Conducting Field Investigations - by Shona Emery, a GLOBE teacher from Ellis School in Fremont, NH

• Writing Conclusions Using the CER Framework - by Ellen O'Donnell, a GLOBE teacher from Deerfield Community School in Deerfield, NH.

Creating a Science Poster - by Jayme Margolin-Sneider, a GLOBE teacher and STEM Explorers advisor from Westview Middle School in Longmont, Colorado.

If you are a teacher and would like to write a blog post or present at a virtual Watercooler (15-20 min presentation) describing how you have helped students prepare for the SRS or facilitated one particular step of the student research process, contact Haley Wicklein for more information.