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Student Research Symposia Project Review

At the SRS, students will discuss their research in a poster presentation to STEM professionals and to their peers. 


Projects will be recognized that demonstrate exemplary work in an area of scientific research. 
In order for a project to receive recognition, it must use GLOBE Protocols and/or GLOBE data. Data must be uploaded to the GLOBE website PRIOR to the SRS. If needed, ask your local Partnership for support and/or check out the Uploading Data webinar.

The possible categories for this recognition are:

  • Use of GLOBE Protocols/Data (use, analysis and visualization of data)
  • Research Process (research question, methods, conclusion)
  • Community Impact and Engagement
  • 21st Century Skills (collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking/problem solving)
  • Indigenous/Community Knowledge (Elder connections, Indigenous Knowledge, stories, values, language, history)

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