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Student Research Symposia News Stories

Get to know SRS teams from each region through these news stories!

2024 SRS

Toledo Zoo hosts student research symposium - from The Blade

Students Present GLOBE Research at INFINITY Science Center with NASA ASTRO CAMP Community Partners Team - from the NASA Science Editorial Team

2023 SRS

A ‘SRS’ Success - from the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies News. 

Montana Middle School Students Present at GLOBE Student Research Symposium in Alaska - University of Montana News

NASA ASTRO CAMP® Community Partners and INFINITY Science Center to Host GLOBE Students from U.S. Southeast - from NASA Science: Share the Science


2022 SRS

Alaskan youth present research at Earth Day symposium (2022) - UAF news and information


2019 SRS

Getting Ready for the SRS: How to develop and choose a team of students to attend the GLOBE Regional SRS? GLOBE teachers discuss GLOBE at their school and how they choose a team of students to attend the SRS

Teacher PD leads to Student Participation in SRS - Purdue University Partnership teacher professional development shows teachers how to incorporate research projects in their science classrooms, and leads to Indiana students attending the Midwest SRS.

For Students from Maine, SRS Delivers a Life and Learning Experience - We followed a team of four students and two teachers from Old Town High School in Maine who attended the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic SRS.

Vernal Windows of Opportunity - With help from GLOBE, Liz Burakowski unravels the environmental mysteries between winter and spring.

Teacher Feature: A Q&A with GLOBE Teacher Hannah VanScotter - Hannah teaches a variety of science classes at Jefferson Montessori Academy, a K-12 school in Carlsbad, New Mexico, USA. Her students "all came away [from the SRS] talking about how they have more confidence in science, being able to do things like a big project they haven’t been encouraged to do before."

Teacher Feature: A Q&A with GLOBE Teacher Elodie Bourbon - Elodie teaches two sections of Earth science for ESL students. "What is different about GLOBE is the fact that students go outside, actually collect real data."

Skyridge students prepare for SRS 2019 - Juliet Hamilton’s class at Skyridge school is working hard on their research posters for the Pacific SRS

Salmon returns are down in Metlakatla. These junior scientists are discovering possible reasons why.(2019) - KTOO Public Media

Alpena students compete in regional and national science programs (2019)- Alpena, AR

Local High School Students Mentored by Science K-12 Outreach recognized for research (2019) - Purdue, Indiana

Huntington High School students win national award for water quality study (2019) - The Herald-Dispatch

Georgia Space Grant Consortium features the 2019 Southeast SRS! (2019)


2017 SRS

Full STE(A)M ahead in LA : Maria Mancia mixes English and Spanish Language Arts into GLOBE - Read about how one California teacher uses GLOBE to collaborate with math, English, and Spanish teachers in her school, and about her trip with a team of students to present at the Pacific SRS

For GLOBE teacher Diana Johns, every day is Earth Day - Read about how a teacher from Michigan integrates GLOBE thinking and protocols into daily learning, and the experience her students had at the Midwest SRS. 

GLOBE opens windows, then doors, from dirt roads to a scientifically-literate world - Meet a teacher and student from Arkansas, and hear their about GLOBE experience at home and at the Southeast SRS. 

From glaciers to invertebrates: who knows where the waters of GLOBE may take you? As water channels through the city of Boulder, it loses its clarity, picking up human waste and trash—and making it a laboratory for Bill Meyers and his GLOBE students at Alexander Dawson School.

Texas Students Spin GLOBE to Australia and Back - Meet the UT-Tyler team and read about their research experience and trip to the Southwest SRS. 

A teacher and his students use GLOBE to study-and possibly save-their hometown waters - This feature story follows a team from West Virginia, their research project, and experience at the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic SRS.

Two stars from the other side of the globe explore GLOBE to chart their futures - Chinese exchange students in New Jersey participate in the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic SRS and expand the GLOBE program in their school. 


2016 SRS

Next Generation Scientists Participate in NASA-GLOBE Science Fair - from NASA