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Annual Meetings: Student Experiences and Showcase

Students who attend the GLOBE Annual Meeting have the opportunity to share their projects, gain experience doing a science presentation and participate in diverse learning activities while getting to know other GLOBE students from around the world.

Community Poster Session

The Community Poster Session at each meeting often includes winners from that year’s International Virtual Science Symposium (IVSS). These sessions offer students a chance to talk about their work with scientists and other community members, as well as see everyone else’s presentation.

Student Experiences

During GLOBE Annual Meetings, students participate in a specific experience that provides them opportunities to discover the meeting area's local environment and collect data in new places with GLOBE scientists. 

In addition, students are provided opportunities to engage with their peers while visiting local science facilities, museums and attractions. Many students say this is their favorite part of the student experience – learning about how students live in other countries and how they do GLOBE in such different locations. 

Student Research Showcase

During closing ceremonies on the last day of the meeting, students can show off everything they experienced during the meeting. They present findings from their Student Experiences, including new posters to illustrate the data they collected. Students also discuss their favorite parts of the meeting and generally have the spotlight.

Many use this time to cement new friendships and discuss how they can become more involved in each others' work with GLOBE.