School ID

School ID's are useful when doing Email Data Entry. Below we will demonstrate how to access them. Please note there are two school id's for legacy reasons. The legacy version is called School ID and the new recommended version is called Organization ID.

If you want some background about General Format for Email Data Entry Measurements a guide is available at the following URL in the section 'General Format for Measurements'. Included below is an excerpt:

  • The original-format of the school ID is an 8 character code that uniquely defines each school to the GLOBE data system. This ID is maintained for backward-compatibility, but is also generated for new organizations created through the new GLOBE website. This ID can be looked up through the GLOBE website, or provided by your Partner or Country Coordinator.

    for example:  GLIDN3JS
  • The new GLOBE website assigns a numeric number to every organization in GLOBE. If you prefer, you may use this ID instead of the old format. However, you must prefix the numeric ID with 'ORG_ID:'. This organization ID can be provided by your Partner or Country Coordinator.

    for example:  ORG_ID:


-- log in to the website
-- click on the "Menu" icon
-- click on "Users and Organizations"
​​​​​​​-- click on "Users and Organizations" below the previous one
-- search for the name of your school
​​​​​​​-- click on the three vertical dots to the right of the school name
​​​​​​​-- click on "Edit"
-- the School ID is next to the section called "GLOBE ID"
​​​​​​​-- the Organization ID is on the tab called "Organization Site"

We recommend you use the Organization ID instead of the School ID. When using Organization ID you must to include a prefix of ORG_ID:

For example, ORG_ID:10532858