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European schools made the 2019 Spring Tree Campaign alive


Do you want to know when birch buds in Ukraine burst open or how many shades of green can be found on one tree? Then look at the website of 2019 Spring Tree Observation Campaign. Throughout the spring, 156 schools from 14 European and Eurasian countries (Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Netherlands, Poland and Ukraine) observed their trees greening up, completed short activities, took pictures with GrowApp and shared their results.

Thanks to their stupendous activity, the campaign was a great success. Nearly 300 messages with photos and results were shared in a campaign discussion forum and incredible 2500 observations were uploaded to the GLOBE database. Active schools have earned Collaboration and Data Entry badges.



And that´s not all. Teachers and students crossed borders and language barriers to create 37 collaboration groups: They exchanged observations, got to know each other and planned research as well as face-to-face meetings. Moreover, 25 school teams joined the Spring Tree Video contest and shot beautiful videos, about themselves and their tree observations. 

Congratulations to all and big thanks to teachers for guiding their teams and to country coordinators for their support!

We are looking forward to meeting you in autumn – the tree observation campaign goes on!

Have a great summer,

Lenka, Bára, Dana
GLOBE Europe and Eurasia Region Coordination Office



Picture: Jameson Rage and Erol Ahmed on Unsplash

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News origin: Europe and Eurasia