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Motivate and Attract Students to Science - Conference

Motivate and Attract Students to Science (MASS) Project is operated under the platform of the GLOBE Program in 8 European countries. We invite you to join the Open Conference in NEMO Science Center in Amsterdam, November 25th-27th, the first public event of the project that brings together experts in the field of education, teaching, training, and applied science from European countries.

Aim of the conference
A) Share best practices of science education with the focus on sustainable development.
B) Examine preconditions to motivate and attract students to science and explore (new) tools and methodologies.
C) Build a network of teachers, educators, trainers and scientists.


Registration is open:

Registration fee: € 200 including VAT.

Preliminary program:


Three topics of the MASS Project:

We identified three major challenges that stimulate the progress in teaching science attractively and effectively:

1. Science through Digital Learning

Majority of today´s generation of learners use digital devices, internet applications or social media on daily basis, mostly for communication and entertainment. We share experience on how such tools and media can be used to link students to science and make science education more meaningful.

2. Early Inquiry

Inquiry has proven to be an effective method to attract children to science and increase their learning, especially in young age. We will address barriers of using inquiry-based methods at schools and show successful incorporation of these methods to the science classroom practice, with the special focus on primary schools learners.

3. Low Achievers in Science

Science is a setting where we learn important lessons about real world; that is why it must be delivered to every child. We will share practices that deal with attracting low achievers to science and help them develop some of the key competences that are basic-life skills at the same time.

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