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23 October: Trees Around the GLOBE Campaign Webinar: “Collect Earth: Live from Oregon USA"

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On Tuesday, 23 October, the Trees Around the GLOBE Student Research Campaign webinar “Collect Earth: Live from Oregon USA with Researcher Peder Nelson,” will be held at 2:00 p.m. EDT (6:00 p.m. UTC).

During this webinar, Peder Nelson will introduce and detail the “Collect Earth” online tool. This tool is designed so that users can analyze high and very high resolution satellite imagery for different purposes, including: land cover, land use, and forest mapping. Peder will also discuss why we need ground-based photos, including clouds and land cover, via the GLOBE Observer App. A Collect Earth connection to wildlife (mosquitoes) will also be highlighted. (Prior to the webinar, it is recommended that all participants visit the Collect Earth Website.)

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The Trees Around the GLOBE campaign is working in conjunction with NASA’s ICESat-2 (Ice, Cloud, and Land Elevation Satellite). ICESat-2 will use lasers and a very precise detection instrument to measure the elevation of Earth’s surface. By timing how long it takes laser beams to travel from the satellite to Earth and back, scientists can calculate the height of glaciers, sea ice, forests, lakes and more – including the changing ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica. The satellite will also measure heights across Earth's temperate and tropical regions, and take stock of the vegetation in forests worldwide.

The campaign will be focusing on one exciting variable that the ICESat-2 satellite will measure: tree height. The campaign will create an organized community of students who take tree height measurements; compare these measurements to established NASA programs; research tree height data from other GLOBE schools and countries; and take supplemental protocol measurements like Green Up/Green Down and Land Cover Classification. Participants will be able to compare their tree height data to the tree height data from ICESat-2. In addition, scientists from the ICESat-2 mission will periodically review the tree height data. This data will allow scientists to use it as satellite data validation and in potential professional research.

To learn more about the NASA ICESat-2 satellite mission, click here.

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To learn about the GLOBE protocols that directly align to the campaign, and how you can start taking measurements today, click here.

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