The Goddard GLOBE Partnership provides additional resources to schools and teachers involved in GLOBE within our 11 state region.  We offer program support to get GLOBE implemented into school curriculum's, webinars to provide additional training, answers to specific problems via telecons, telephone calls or if possible, face2face in-school support. We also offer a GLOBE equipment loan program for schools just starting in the program or students involved in continuing research - Student Research Symposiums (SRS).

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What's Happening At Goddard Space Flight Center

About the Partner

NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center became a GLOBE partner in 2005, and works with schools worldwide.                 

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, is home to the nation's largest organization of scientists, engineers and technologists who build spacecraft, instruments and new technology to study Earth, the sun, our solar system and the universe.

Just outside Washington, Goddard is home to Hubble operations and the upcoming James Webb Space Telescope. Goddard manages communications between mission control and orbiting astronauts aboard the International Space Station. Goddard scientists stare into the sun, grind up meteorites for signs of life's building blocks, look into the farthest reaches of space, and untangle the mysteries of our own changing world. Goddard engineers construct sensitive instruments, build telescopes that peer into the cosmos, and operate the test chambers that ensure those satellites' survival.

Named for American rocketry pioneer Dr. Robert H. Goddard, the center was established May 1, 1959, as NASA's first space flight complex. Goddard and its several installations are critical in carrying out NASA's missions of space exploration and scientific discovery.

Goddard became a GLOBE Program Partner in 2005 and services schools in an 11 state region stretching from Maine to Virginia and New Jersey to West Virginia. As a GLOBE Partner we conduct trainings for teachers within the 11 state region, provide support and loan equipment to further aid the use and implementation of GLOBE into school curriculum's and use by citizen scientist.

The Goddard GLOBE Partnership resides in the Office of STEM Engagement headed by Director Dr. Robert Gabrys and managed by Todd Toth.


Activities & Events:


August 29, 2022

The NASA Goddard GLOBE Partnership will visit Manheim Central High School in Manheim, PA to discuss GLOBE implementation into a number of courses offered by the school district.

September 2022 
​​​​​The NASA Goddard GLOBE Partnership will provide a 3-day GLOBE introduction and training program for the Philadelphia School District.

September 2022

​​​​​​​The NASA Goddard GLOBE Partnership will provide a GLOBE introduction to the Brownsville Area School District. Future plans call for implementation of the GLOBE Program into the School District curriculum.

October 2022


The NASA Goddard GLOBE partnership acting as a mentor to Legacy Bridges STEM Academy, Inc. have the following activities scheduled for October.

We are working with Drexel University & Community College of Philadelphia to schedule a NASA GLOBE US Partner Education Professional Development Training and NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers) Aerospace Engineering Outreach collaboration session beginning in October 2022. This event will include students from the Philadelphia Public Schools.

A second collaboration with Legacy Bridges STEM Academy deals with NASA GLOBE Education Professional Development, Student Research, Communications and Citizen Science Training to be held at Cheyney University, Chaney, PA. Date and Time to be Determined. 



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