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Recapping the Pacific In-Person North American Regional Meeting

Seven GLOBE Partners and seven others attended the Pacific in-person North American Regional Meeting hosted by California Strong in February. This two-day event was focused on providing Trainer candidates with opportunities to demonstrate GLOBE atmosphere and hydrosphere protocols.

On Saturday, 24 February, attendees took a tour of the Los Angeles Unified School District’s Point Fermin Outdoor Environmental Education Center. John Olgin (El Paso Community College) demonstrated atmosphere protocols (see more from John below).

John Olgin stands with his hands up to demonstrate looking at a quarter of the sky when observing clouds
Everyone then headed to the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium. Maria Royale (West Ed/UC Berkeley) demonstrated atmosphere protocols at the beach.

The group made one more trip to the Los Angeles Marine Institute where they boarded a tall ship. Trainer candidates Tori Brannan (University of Alaska Fairbanks) and Nico Janik (West Ed/UC Berkeley) demonstrated hydrosphere protocols while on the tall ship (see more from Tori below).

Nico Janik pours water from a bucket into a transparency tube as other attendees conduct other water measurements
Sunday, 25 February, was spent at the USS Iowa. Trainer candidates Nico Janik and Laureen Pepersack (West Ed/UC Berkeley) demonstrated atmosphere protocols on the outside bow of the ship. Everyone then met in the Captain’s quarters for a discussion on fostering partnerships to support GLOBE work.

the battleship USS Iowa at dock

John Olgin and Tori Brannan received travel funding support from the GLOBE U.S. Coordination Office through UCAR/GLOBE Implementation Office Grant and Cooperative Agreement No. NNX17AD75A.

Report from John Olgin

The key highlights were the "train the trainer" workshops on atmosphere and hydrosphere protocols, visit to the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, sailing on a Los Angeles Maritime Institute's tall ship while taking water samples in and around the San Pedro Harbor.  

three Pacific North American Regional Meeting attendees look at the GLOBE clouds chart
John will be utilizing the experience gained from this NARM by 1) implementing knowledge and expertise gained toward early college and college students pursuing careers in physical science at El Paso Community College, 2) training science educators in local school districts to become GLOBE teachers in atmospheric protocols, and 3) continuing to build upon the connections made with the Pacific Battleship Center and Los Angeles Unified School District's Outdoor Education program to establish similar programs at EPCC. 

Report from Tori Brannan

GLOBE Educator Tori Brannan traveled from -25ºF Alaska to balmy Long Beach, CA, to complete certification as a GLOBE Trainer in hydrosphere protocols teaching to educators aboard the tall ship, American Pride, one of three Los Angeles Maritime Institute tall ships partnering with the Pt. Fermin Los Angeles Office of Outdoor Environmental Education. Other Pt. Fermin partnerships visited by the group included the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium and the battleship USS Iowa. All sites offer extensive organized youth activities and GLOBE studies. Ideas for developing solid mutual relationships with potential partners were discussed and experienced as protocols were performed at the different sites. 

Tori Brannan with her hands in a bucket while demonstrating hydrosphere protocols
buckets and water quality measurement materials on the deck of a tall ship

a tall ship at dock

Pacific North American Regional Meeting attendees sit and stand on a tall ship while collecting water samples

Photo captions (top to bottom)

1. John Olgin (El Paso Community College) leads NARM attendees in cloud observations.

2. Nico Janik (West Ed/UC Berkeley) pours water into a transparency tube while aboard the tall ship.

3. The USS Iowa.

4. Svetlana Darche (West Ed/UC Berkeley), Peggy Foletta (Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve) and John Olgin (El Paso Community College) review the GLOBE Clouds chart.

5. Tori Brannan (University of Alaska Fairbanks) leads NARM attendees in hydrosphere protocols.

6. Hydrosphere equipment.

7. The tall ship at dock.

8. Pacific NARM attendees aboard the tall ship.

News origin: United States of America