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With decades of experience providing research, evaluation, large-scale data analysis, assessment, technical assistance, and professional development, WestEd supports educational reform that expands innovative learning opportunities for all learners, especially those with diverse interests or facing multiple challenges to success. It aims to identify and disseminate strategies that foster academic achievement, deep engagement in learning, social-emotional development, 21st Century skills, career readiness, postsecondary transitions, and economic self-sufficiency. It also supports the development of systems that enable Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and other industry professionals to engage effectively with education to provide deeper and more authentic learning experiences for students.

Pursuant to a large study in California on “work-based learning”, since 2010 WestEd has committed to developing hands-on, “real world” learning in STEM through the GLOBE program. WestEd focuses on partnership development, research and evaluation, and students' career preparation, and works closely with UC Berkeley to recruit and engage teachers in underserved communities in the East San Francisco Bay Area to implement GLOBE protocols, activities, and projects.  Through the NASA-funded GLOBE Mission Earth program and other collaborations, it is also spreading the work beyond the Bay Area.

UC Berkeley's (UCB) GLOBE team has been working over the past 9 years to increase educational opportunities to engage students in field-based data collection in order to gain a better understanding of the Earth around them. The GLOBE program at UCB has worked with WestEd to provide in-classroom student support, teacher professional development, and project-based learning tools and lessons, and for the last four years, has led the implementation of the GLOBE Pacific Region Student Research Symposium. UCB has an in-house GLOBE Mentor Trainer, Tracy Ostrom, who is also a former high school science teacher with 13 years of industry experience in environmental management.  This combined expertise has been used to expand and deepen scientific understanding in K-12 schools who serve students underrepresented in STEM.




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