Using GLOBE for Homeschool Science Workshop

Purdue University’s Sarah Nern and Steven Smith held a workshop for parents during a planned weather themed science investigation for homeschooled students from Indianapolis. Often times the homeschool audience is searching for programs to enrich their curriculum and GLOBE is a perfect fit! An Indianapolis based homeschool network contacted Purdue College of Science K-12 Outreach to request a program about winter weather for students in elementary and middle school. The Purdue GLOBE team stepped up for the opportunity. We reserved a large room and split the parents and the students. With both the workshop and student activities being conducted in the same room, the parents were happy about being able to watch their kids while going through their own professional development. Prior to this workshop, the Purdue GLOBE team created a school just for this homeschool network on the GLOBE website. The parents took on the teacher role by completing the Introduction to GLOBE eTraining module and learning how to do a number of protocols while watching their children participate in the various weather themed activities. We are hopeful that the parents who completed this workshop will set up their own sites and have their kids start collecting data soon. The Purdue GLOBE team will continue to send these parents follow up emails offering support and informing them of new opportunities.

News origin: Purdue University-Partner


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