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2018 Autumn Phenology Campaign and its School Collaboration group starts

Lenka Kleger, modified 3 Years ago.
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Dear All,

I hope you have enjoyed a beautiful summer and you feel relaxed and full of energy after the holidays.

I am pleased to announce that the 2018 Autumn Phenology Campaign and its School Collaboration group starts.  During the Autumn collaboration group, we will observe leaf color change, wait for the fall of the leaves, enter and visualize data in the GLOBE database and cooperate with GLOBE students from all over Europe and Eurasia region.

Do you plan to join the autumn collaboration group and cooperate with GLOBE school from another country? Then please fill in a short questionnaire. The information will help us to find you a suitable partner school.

Just as in the spring, I will share with you short tasks that will guide you through the Green Down observation and ask you to share your results at this discussion forum or send them by e-mail to lenka.kleger@terezanet.cz.

The first task called My Tree you can already find below.

Task 2 will follow soon and will guide you through the leaf color change. However, if the leaves on your tree are already changing color, you don´t need to wait. Just go to the Phenology Section of GLOBE website and download the task.

Warm regards,

Task 1 – My Tree

You continue observing the same tree(s) as in the Spring Phenology Campaign:
  • Check your tree. Are there any visible changes? Can you find the branch and leaves that you have observed in spring?
  • Take picture(s) of your tree using GrowApp and share your picture at the Discussion forum.
  • If you are going to observe another tree(s), follow the instructions below.

You are new to the Campaign or you want to observe new tree(s):
1) Select a tree:
  • Close to your school or home, so that you can observe it often
  • One of the 7 species of the campaign
  • With at least one branch that is positioned low so that you can observe the leaves closely.
  • The tree should not be shaded by a building (Ideally the tree-building distance is more than the height of the building)
2) Describe the tree and the site where it grows:
  • Take GPS coordinates and write down altitude as well
  • Find out what is the Latin name of the tree species (e.g. Corylus avelana for hazel)
  • Name the tree (e.g. Hazel 1)
3) Take pictures of the tree using GrowApp.
The task should be completed as soon as possible, not later than September 20.


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