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U.S. GLOBE Partners Highlight Accomplishments at 2018 North America Regional Meeting

Photo of participants at the 2018 NARM

The Purdue University GLOBE Partnership hosted the North America Regional Meeting (NARM) and a Pedosphere Train-the-Trainer 26-29 March 2018 in West Lafayette, Indiana, USA. 

Photo of participants at the 2018 NARMSteven Smith and Sarah Nern provided  pedosphere materials and invited a local soil scientist for a three-tiered training model 26-27 March 2018. In this model, five Indiana teachers and 15 GLOBE community members participated in a workshop facilitated by five candidate Trainers and four candidate Master Trainers, mentored by Master Trainer Lynne Hehr of the University of Arkansas - Fayetteville GLOBE Partnership.

Photo of participants at the 2018 NARM

NARM began early on 28 March with a welcome by the NASA Program Manager, Dr. Lin Chambers, and a guest speaker, Dr. Jonathan "Nate" Slade Jr., on how the effect of air quality policies can be seen in long-term data.

The meeting was attended by approximately 50 people representing 30 partnerships and affiliated organizations. Jennifer BourgeaultDr. Tony MurphyJessica Taylor, and David Overoye shared program updates from the perspectives of the United States office, the GIO, the Working Groups, and the website.

Lightning talk sessions (a series of six-minute presentations, followed by a block of time for participants to speak with the presenters) and strategic planning discussions filled the rest of the 1.5-day meeting, with time to network and build collaborative relationships throughout.

Photo of participants at 2018 NARM

The lightning talks covered topics ranging from HoloGLOBE and a pre-service focus group to NGSS-aligned high school curriculum, GIS and GLOBE, and the fire fuel protocol (in development), to incorporating engineering into GLOBE.

Photo of participants at 2018 NARMUnited States GLOBE partners can access the agenda, list of participants, slides and pictures of the event in the "Documents” folder for the U.S. GLOBE Partners Community (under your "Go To" drop-down menu, next to your profile). You must be logged in and a member of the community to access these folders. 



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